The Marc Bolan bandstand and memorial garden unveiled


On Friday 29th September 2017 The Marc Bolan London Music Project (MBLMP) unveiled a new memorial bandstand and garden at the site of the new Noah's Ark Children's Hospice in Barnet, the day before what would have been Marc Bolan's 70th birthday. Building of the new hospice, The Ark, commenced on 26th September and when completed will be the first children's hospice in North and Central London for children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions

The memorial has been funded solely by the MBLMP, who have also donated equipment for a Music Therapy Room within the hospice. This will enable children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions to express themselves musically, vocally, visually and spiritually in Marc's name.

"We are so grateful to the Marc Bolan London Music Project for their generous donation of the band stand, said Alison Goodman, Director of Income Generation and Communications. Once complete, The Ark, set in a 7.5 acre nature reserve, will be a state-of-the art hospice for the community. The band stand will provide a magical space outside for our children to enjoy themselves and make precious memories with their families.

The Marc Bolan London Music Project was borne out of Michael Torry's wish to build a memorial stage and garden in memory of Marc Bolan. "This has been a 2 year journey that has seen many ups and downs with many, many meetings and phone calls, and negotiating with supply chains to get the best deals, said Michael Torry, from the Marc Bolan London Music Project. Now that the memorial has been presented to Noah's Ark Children's Hospice - and as Marc is looking down on us, which I feel he is - I can stand back and know, we did it. And did it for Marc.

Danny Baker, Comedy Writer, Journalist and Radio DJ, said, "The first time I met Marc Bolan he literally gave me the shirt off his back. I said, that's a great shirt you're wearing Mr. Bolan, and he gave it to me! That's the kind of guy he was- a great talent with a huge generosity of spirit". And that spirit and love of music will continue to ring out at this memorial band stand, helping kids at Noah's Ark Children's Hospice.

The band stand has been designed to make subtle references to Marc Bolan and the music of T.Rex. For those in the know, these include a frog, Dandy the garden guard dog sitting next to a wishing well, ten Diclorilla rose bushes, a wizard and two white swans. T.Rex fans will understand!

Noah's Ark Children's Hospice is a community-based hospice service providing support for children and young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions and their families in North and Central London and Hertsmere.

For additional information, please contact Chloe Kay-  / / @NoahsArkHospice #BuildingTheArk #GiveAnHour

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