Bolantine Bop

On Saturday 6th February the Marc Bolan London Music Project's first fundraising event took place in the main hall at Northwold School. The event proved to be a huge success and had initially sold out within days of being announced. Marc's brother Harry, his son Rolan, members of the Feld family, old school friend Steve Jameson, Marc's choreographer Teri Scoble as well as the project team and friends and fans from far and wide were in attendance. 

Pupils from the school performed a special dance routine to 'I Love To Boogie', choreographed by Teri Scoble. Beltane performed a fantastic set of Marc's songs spanning both the Tyrannosaurus Rex and T. Rex periods and a great time was had by all.

A big thanks to everyone who could make it, and those who couldn't, for your continued support. Here are a selection of pictures from the night.

Photos by Phil Bourne