This is a discography of the official UK singles and albums that were released during Marc's lifetime. This does not include unofficial compilations released pre-1977 or the numerous posthumous compilations, out-takes and demo albums that have surfaced since. He was a prolific songwriter and there is a lot of "unofficial" (though interesting) material out there.


Marc Bolan
1965 The Wizard/Beyond the Rising Sun
1966 The Third Degree/San Francisco Poet
1966 Hippy Gumbo/Misfit

John's Children
1967 Desdemona/Remember Thomas A Beckett

Tyrannosaurus Rex
1968 Debora/Child Star
1968 One Inch Rock/Salamanda Palaganda
1969 Pewter Suitor/Warlord of the Royal Crocodiles
1969 King of the Rumbling Spires/Do You Remember
1970 By The Light of a Magical Moon/Find a Little Wood

T. Rex
1970 Ride A White Swan/Is It Love/Summertime Blues
1971 Hot Love/Woodland Rock/King of the Mountain Cometh
1971 Get It On/Raw Ramp
1971 Jeepster/Life's a Gas
1972 Telegram Sam/Cadillac/Baby Strange
1972 Metal Guru/Thunderwing/Lady
1972 Children Of The Revolution/Jitterbug Love/Sunken Rags
1972 Solid Gold Easy Action/Born to Boogie
1973 20th Century Boy/Free Angel
1973 The Groover/Midnight
1973 Truck On (Tyke)/Sitting Here
1974 Teenage Dream/Satisfaction Pony
1974 Light Of Love/Explosive Mouth
1974 Zip Gun Boogie/Space Boss
1975 New York City/Chrome Sitar
1975 Dreamy Lady/Do You Wanna Dance/Dock of The Bay
1976 London Boys/Solid Baby
1976 I Love To Boogie/Baby Boomerang
1976 Laser Love/Life's An Elevator
1977 The Soul of My Suit/All Alone
1977 Dandy in the Underworld/Groove a Little/Tame My Tiger
1977 Celebrate Summer/Ride My Wheels

Big Carrot
1973 Blackjack/Squint Eye Mangle

Marc Bolan & Gloria Jones
1977 To Know Him Is To Love Him/City Port


Tyrannosaurus Rex
1968 My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair... But Now They're Content to Wear Stars on Their Brows
1968 Prophets, Seers & Sages: The Angels of the Ages
1969 Unicorn
1970 A Beard of Stars

T. Rex
1970 T. Rex
1971 Electric Warrior
1972 The Slider
1973 Tanx
1973 Great Hits (compilation)
1974 Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow
1975 Bolan's Zip Gun
1976 Futuristic Dragon
1977 Dandy In The Underworld